The Chronicles


MAY 2018

FanTales Yahoo Group
Made some major revisions to my FanTales Yahoo Group Rules and Regulations. Members should take a moment to review the revisions before posting to the group.

Site Information
Added a few more resource links to the site's Disclaimers and made some minor revisions to both the content and layout of the site's Awards, History, Link to Me, Memberships, and Site FAQs pages.

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APRIL 2018

My Workbench
The Pages on the Counter section has been updated with the latest stories currently under review. Check the stories' status to keep up-to-date on how soon they may be re-posted to the site.

Site's Main Entrance
The site's main entrance page has received a slight face-lift to its layout and some minor revisions to its content in preparation for when the remaining sections of the site are restored.

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MARCH 2018

My Workbench
Focused on my Plots in the Works this month and added a few more stories to the listings. Also, made some minor revisions to the page's layout. Remember to check the stories' status to keep up-to-date on how soon I may begin actually writing them.

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Spent this month doing a lot of work behind-the-scenes - i.e. updated, restored, or newly added all of the pages that deal with the site's security, error processing, and more.

Even though many visitors to this site will rarely, if ever, encounter these behind-the-scenes pages, they are still very important to the functionality of this site and require very time consuming testing. Otherwise, there may be issues that I'm sure none of us want to deal with.

Site's Layout on Different Devices
The site's wonky display on a few mobile phones has been resolved. A big Thank You to those who gave me a heads-up on this.

Do know that this version of the site is being constructed with the thought of backwards compatibility for those with older browsers and a flexible layout that should adjust for most visitors regardless of the device being used to surf the site.

If you should happen across a page that still looks wonky, try either refreshing the page or clearing your browsers cache. That should snap things back in order for you. Browsers love to cache websites and will hang on to the old versions of a recently updated page until you tell it otherwise. Both Firefox and Google Chrome are notorious for this. In most cases, a simple click of the refresh button will solve the issue.

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Site Information
The Site News section (the page you are currently viewing) is finally up and running. From now on, you can keep up-to-date with the ongoing restoration of this site via this page.

My Live Journal's Site News tag will now be used for announcements regarding this site's status just in case this site goes offline or becomes inaccessible for some reason.

Also, the link for the Contact Me section in now up, although it is incomplete. For now, you will be directed off-site to my LJ to contact me, just until I get around to recreating the input form and related scripts.

Updated the links found in the Site Index to reflect the most recent restored sections of the site.

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