The Chronicles




The DANIELites Mailing List was the very first mailing list that I joined. It began with about 40 members, most of whom had websites dedicated to the Stargate SG-1 character, Daniel Jackson. If you wanted to read a wide variety of Daniel-centric fanfiction, then this was the place to go. At one point in time, this list was so popular that it spawned a companion list known as the JACKDANIELites for those interested in fanfiction centering on the slash pairing of the Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson characters.

Thankfully, both of these lists are still around, with over six hundred members lurking in the background. They are not as active as they once were, but you can still peruse the archives for Daniel-centric screenshots, artwork, fanfiction, and more. And when I'm feeling nostalgic, I will sometimes read a few of the past discussions, particularly the ones debating whether Daniel was a Boxers, Briefs, or Commando type of archeologist. LOL!

Golden Whipping Boy

Golden Whipping Boy

This was a member list that I joined. It was not a mailing list, per-se, but functioned more like a webring. For those who don't know, a webring was just a listing of sites with similar themes. To navigate from one site in the ring to the next, members would cut-and-paste a nice little navigational box on their websites for you. Anyway, the similar theme for the Golden Whipping Boy listings should be fairly obvious for Stargate SG-1 fans. The Daniel Jackson character truly is the SGC's most likely to become injured or killed on a mission, on or off world.

With that said, the websites on this member list housed mostly Daniel-centric fanfiction with him being either injured, killed, or suffering from some form of physical or mental torture. Don't worry. We all made sure he was either on the mend or completely patched back up by the end of the fic, only if just so we could rip him apart again. *smile* Sadly, the website that held the complete list of members is no more. But that's okay, I will continue to display the member badge because I am happy to say that a fairly large chunk of my Stargate SG-1 fanfiction falls within this theme. *evil grin*

Stargate SG1HC (The Comfort Zone)

The Comfort Zone

The Stargate SG1HC Mailing List was the third mailing list that I joined. If you want to read hurt/comfort themed fanfiction, then this is where you want to go. It even has its own companion website known as The Comfort Zone where list members can upload their fics in one central location. You will be happy to know that both the list and its companion website are still fairly active, and members are still submitting fics and artwork to the companion website for our viewing pleasure. Plus, I provide the server space for the companion website. *Yes, this is a shameless plug*

Anyway, like all of the other mailing lists that I am a member of, I am currently just another lurker in the background. I peak in every so often to alert of any server maintenance or just to say 'hi' to the list mom, who began the journey into the Stargate SG-1 fandom around the same time as I did. Ah! Those were the days.