The Chronicles


Once upon a time, back in the days of old, there was this thing called free time that I had in abundance. With this free time, I was able to answer tons of emails, instant messages, and participate in live-chats fairly quickly. Then, real life decided to take its steel-toe boots and give me a good swift kick in my buttocks. *Ouch!*

In other words, it takes a little longer for me to respond to messages sent my way. So, instead of waiting, there's a fairly good chance that your question has already been answered. Here, you will find my responses to many of the frequently asked questions I have received from visitors to this site's various incarnations.

Since this site houses various subjects within its pages, I have grouped the questions per topic for your convenience. If you do not see a topic related to your question, then peruse the Miscellaneous FAQs, as that is the catch-all for everything else.


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This site is currently in the process of being restored. With that said, do know that this section of the site is incomplete. There are Q&As that I have received through the years that have yet to be added to this page. They are being thoroughly reviewed and grouped accordingly per topic. Therefore, there is a strong chance your question may have already been answered.

However, if you do not wish to wait until I get around to recreating this page's submission form and related scripts, then you can submit your questions via my Live Journal's FAQs tag for the time being. I check it often. I also clear the posts once they've been answered and added to this page.

Are you still writing your fics?


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Good to see you back in action. When will you update (insert fic name here)?

When I get around to it.

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Have you abandoned (insert fic name here)?

I don't really abandon my fics. I will, however, place them on-hold for an indefinite amount of time until I am able to work my way out of whatever black-hole I have unfortunately written myself into. These long-term on-hold fics can be found in the Fics on the Shelf section. If the story you are wondering about isn't listed there, then it is being worked on and will eventually be updated.

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Got a time-frame for when you'll update your fics on FanFiction.Net?

After they have been updated on this site.

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Hey! Where did you disappear to?

Nowhere! I've been here all along. *Grumbles about malfunctioning Time-Turners* I will disappear on occasion, however, when a fairly active plot-bunny smacks me in the face. Don't worry. I'm still lurking around. It's just that my focus is solely on my writing at that point in time.

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What happened to the Forums? Will they come back?

I miss the forums as well. They kept things interesting around here. Unfortunately, at this point in time, my focus is solely on the restoration of the site. I'm going to be shuffling through, piecing together, and revising a lot of old files for some time yet. However, once I finally get to the point where the updates are not just restoration related and are plain old regular updates to the site, I may consider bringing the forums back. Let's see how it goes.

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You still breathing over there?

Uh! Yes, as far as I know. Although, my vampire muse tends to disagree. *smile*

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Where did your site go?

Yes, the site actually did go off the grid for a brief moment some years back. I apologize for that. Due to some untimely events, my site's domain was briefly acquired by some jack@ss. As you can see, however, my domain has since been reacquired and is firmly back where it belongs. In my evil little clutches. *Mwahahahahaa*

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Do you have a discussion list/group/blog for your fics?

Yes. My FanTales Yahoo Group is where I post my works-in-progress and where visitors to the site can read and discuss my stories as they are being written. My Live Journal, on the other hand, is where discussions about my stories can be held, but I do not post any of my stories there. And at this time, do not have any future plans to do so.

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