The Chronicles


This site first began as a class project for one of my college courses. The assignment was to create a webpage that contained a brief self-bio, a listing of my hobbies, future career goals, and other personal information about me. As this was back in the '90's, before social sites became so popular, sharing such personal information about myself all over the net just made me feel queasy. Therefore, I chose to take the assignment in a different direction by completely omitting any information I believed was too personal and dove head-first into my hobbies. Specifically, my creative writing hobby. I even included a snippet of a story that I had been working on at that point in time that eventually evolved into a pretty good sized one-shot story. That one-shot story became my very first fanfic for one of my favorite TV shows. That's right! You guessed it! That TV show was Stargate SG-1. At that point in time, this site was a mere one-pager under the title of Lonie's: The Chronicles.

As the class progressed, I found myself becoming more interested in the HTML language and the creativity involved with designing webpages. So, with a healthy thirst and drive to learn more, I headed to the local Public Library and checked out a cart load of HTML and Web Design related books. Then, spent an entire, sleep deprived, weekend teaching myself the HTML language. I even took the liberty of contacting the webmasters of a few fan-based websites that I frequented for assistance. They were very nice and offered their assistance feeling just as excited as I was about my endeavor. The week following, I began re-designing my little one-pager website. Finally, around 11pm on Sunday February 14th of 1999, my completely revamped one-pager website went live and was hosted for free with, what was then known as, GeoCities. The content of the site expanded to include more of my Stargate SG-1 related fanfiction, an episode guide, character guide, and a fairly large section of links to other Stargate/Stargate SG-1 related sites. My website was renamed to Lonie's Stargate SG-1: The Chronicles and other Stargate fans took notice and started visiting.

Overtime, the increasing need for more space, along with the annoyance of all manner of ads, had me packing up the bulk of my site and relocating to DreamHost. The old site remained online for several years, serving as a mirror to the Stargate SG-1 section of the relocated site, right up until GeoCities shutdown. The newly relocated site was re-named for the final time to The Chronicles Inc Productions and grew larger and faster than I'd ever expected. The content expanded to include not only my Stargate SG-1 obsession, but also fanfiction for other TV shows, books, anime/manga, and etc., fanworks by guest authors, original works, resources for aspiring authors, and more.

As this site continues to evolve and grow, I will do my best to keep it both entertaining and resourceful for those who takes the time out to visit. I truly appreciate your continued support throughout the life span of this site and hopefully, I will be able to continue to hold your interest. Thank you for visiting and sticking it out with me through the ups and downs of this site!

Your Webmistress,