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If one of my stories make you feel just as enthusiastic about it as I do, then that's great! When discussing that story with the group, however, please make sure to keep it civil.

This does not include negative constructive criticisms about my stories. I am aware there will be some group members who may not like a few of my stories. I'm okay with that. You can't please everyone. And I don't try to. I have no problems accepting the good with the bad. It's what makes discussions interesting and could help me to improve my writing.

I do, however, have an issue with someone who is being deliberately rude or obscene toward group members (e.g. personal attacks, flame wars, etc.) and behaving like a d@mn fool. This is an annoyance I do not have the patience for and is something that can get a member booted from the group.

Say what you will about my stories, whether good or bad, I'm fine. But leave any personal attacks toward other group members at the door.

Really, I'd rather spend the little free-time I have writing my stories then having to deal with maintaining a watch-list for naughty members.