The Chronicles



A discussion group for the stories I am in the process of writing. These stories are the first drafts of my multi-chapter works-in-progress and will be posted to the group as they are being written.

Members can read and hold discussions about my stories, give feedback with constructive criticism, and even make possible suggestions. Whatever the case may be, good or bad, your comments are welcome and greatly appreciated.

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Be forewarned, only the most basic of editing (e.g. Spell Check) will be done at this stage for the stories posted to the group.

Attempts will be made to catch other errors (e.g. grammatical, continuity, etc.), but the stories will most likely still contain them.

Read these stories at your own discretion.

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  • Only my multi-chapter works-in-progress. These stories are serials where each chapter could stand alone.
  • Only Fiction-T, Fiction-M, and Fiction-MA rated stories. Be forewarned, some stories may contain Slash/Yaoi (i.e. Male/Male romance). All stories will be properly labeled and are rated using the rating system established by
  • A broad range of fanfiction. Mostly about Stargate SG-1, but will also include fanfiction about Gundam Wing, Doctor Who, Tenchi Muyo, Harry Potter, some Crossovers, and more.
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If one of my stories make you feel just as passionate about it as I do, then that's great! When discussing that story with the group, however, please make sure to keep it civil.

This does NOT include negative constructive criticisms about my stories. I am aware there will be some group members who may not like a few of my stories. I'm okay with that. You can't please everyone. And, I don't try to. I have no problems accepting the good with the bad. It's what makes discussions interesting and could help me to improve my writing.

I do, however, have an issue with someone who is being deliberately rude or obscene toward group members (e.g. personal attacks, flame wars, etc.) and behaving like a d@mn fool. This is an annoyance I do not have the patience for and is something that can get a member booted from the group.

Say what you will about my stories, whether good or bad, I'm fine. But, leave any personal attacks toward other group members at the door.

Really, I'd rather spend the little free-time I have writing my stories then having to deal with maintaining a watch-list for naughty members.

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ACTOR/ACTRESS (a.k.a. Real People)

What the real people who voice or portray the roles of the characters we love so much do in their private lives has absolutely nothing to do with the content posted within this group.

I have a healthy respect for those who give life to our beloved characters and firmly believe they have every right to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

CHAIN MAIL (a.k.a. Spam/Scam)

If you receive a message with some sob story from someone that you don't really know who just happens to be asking for financial help from members of some other Group, please DO NOT forward those messages to this group.

I am not interested in being scammed for my hard earned change and I'm pretty sure other group members will probably feel the same.


Seriously, do we really need to go there with this one. This group is for reading and discussing my fiction, NOT other people's fiction. No more need be said.

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