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Planning Chart

In an effort to limit the number of incomplete stories posted to the site, a working outline will be created first. Hopefully, this method will result in a quicker update schedule.

This section of the site is where you will find a listing of stories in the process of being outlined. A listing of stories only! There are no actual stories posted in this section. With that said, messages received inquiring about story links not working in this section will be ignored.

To get a general idea of how soon a story may begin to be written, check the status of the story outline below. Be forewarned, the working title and the early synopsis are subject to change.


  • WORKING TITLE A Funny Thing, That Love Is
  • FANDOM Gundam Wing
  • EARLY SYNOPSIS A love story unfolds
  • AUTHOR NOTES Beginning as a One Shot, but may evolve into a series. I haven't decided yet.
  • AUDIENCE Mature
  • STATUS 95%
  • WORKING TITLE Belly of the Beast
  • FANDOM Stargate SG-1
  • SERIAL #4 in the Secrets series
  • EARLY SYNOPSIS Daniel's fragile world shatters when he comes face to face with his past.
  • AUTHOR NOTES Secrets is a multi-chapter series I began back in the late 1990s. The first three chapters of this series are under review for any minor edits or possible rewrites. The outcome will determine if the first draft of this chapter needs to be completely rewritten or not. We'll see how it goes.
  • AUDIENCE General
  • STATUS 0%
  • WORKING TITLE Evolution I
  • FANDOM Doctor Who
  • SERIAL #1 in the Forged Bonds series
  • EARLY SYNOPSIS The Tardis malfunctions, yet again, and lands The Doctor and his companions on planet Rygal, where its inhabitants everyday life threatens their entire existence.
  • AUTHOR NOTES The main outline for this entire series is almost complete. So far, there are seven chapters and four interludes planned out. But that's just the bare bones for the main plot. Now, it's time to start ironing out the individual chapters. The plot bunny for this one seems to be quite active.
  • AUDIENCE General
  • STATUS 35%
  • WORKING TITLE Love Jones
  • FANDOM Tenchi Muyo
  • EARLY SYNOPSIS Villains and enemies, old and new, disrupt the lives of the Masaki household as new bonds and relationships are forged.
  • AUTHOR NOTES The original outline for this multi-chapter story has been scrapped. The main plot is fine. However, this monster had so many subplots and plot twists in its planning that I started to confuse myself. It's a small miracle that I never made the first drafts of this story public as there is no doubt I would have written myself right into a black hole. A fairly narrow dodge there my friends since those first drafts were supposed to be posted some years back. Therefore, I'm starting over to smooth out the kinks and make sure there are no major plot holes in the mix this time around.
  • AUDIENCE Mature
  • STATUS 15%
  • WORKING TITLE Ripples in the Sand
  • FANDOM Stargate SG-1
  • SERIAL #2 in the Footsteps series
  • EARLY SYNOPSIS SGC personnel try to lend a hand when they notice Daniel having difficulty coping with his new found responsibilities.
  • AUTHOR NOTES This was actually written years ago, but was never made public. I felt there was something missing from the previous version, but I just couldn't figure out what was missing. So, I'm starting over. Maybe that missing piece will fall into place this time around. We'll see how it goes.
  • AUDIENCE General
  • STATUS 25%
  • WORKING TITLE Stone Pillars of Forgotten Time
  • FANDOM Stargate SG-1
  • EARLY SYNOPSIS After escaping Sokar's prison moon, the return trip home is waylaid when SG-1 and their fellow Tok'ra escapees must make an emergency landing on an unknown planet where they soon uncover a deadly threat known only to have existed on Earth.
  • AUTHOR NOTES Chronicles events that take place immediately following the season four episode The Devil You Know. This is turning into a major research project as I have to make sure that the historical references (e.g. dates, names, places, etc.) used in the story are somewhat, or as close to, accurate as I can get. The good news, however, is that the outline, itself, is coming along fairly well. Therefore, once I'm done with all the research, I should be able to crank this one out quicker than the other stories, hopefully.
  • AUDIENCE General
  • STATUS 10%
  • WORKING TITLE Velvet Rose
  • FANDOM Original Fiction
  • EARLY SYNOPSIS Meet Jarod, a young up-and-coming artist on the verge of hitting it big with latent psychic abilities; and his elder brother Benjamin, an arrogant, trigger happy, undercover detective on the metropolitan police force. It's been three years since the brothers last spoke. However, when Ben's next assignment has him seeking out Jarod's assistance, he stumbles upon something that not only turns his world upside down, but could also hold devastating consequences for his younger brother.
  • AUTHOR NOTES Another multi-chapter story where the original outline has been scrapped. I began working on this one back in 2002, but stopped when I realized I had written myself into that infamous black hole of death. The original plot-line had Ben and Jarod as childhood friends. However, their long time friendship became strained over time. The strained friendship angle just wasn't working for me. Therefore, I've decided to make them brothers instead, which seems to be working out better, so far. Here's hoping it continues that way.
  • AUDIENCE Mature
  • STATUS 5%