The Chronicles


Since I tend to listen to just about every genre of music there is, read just about anything, and watch some of everything, I find myself always writing about something. I am not picky and my interests in topics run far and wide.

Here, you will find a list of blogs associated with this website as well as links to my profiles on other sites where some of my stories are also archived. Peruse the blogs and archives that spark your interest and feel free to share your own thoughts on a topic or story if you should wish. Getting a glimpse of other perspectives on matters helps to keep things interesting.


My LiveJournal blog where information regarding this website's status can be found in case this site goes offline or becomes inaccessible for some reason. Blog entries also include general web design related topics, random quotes, and other odds and ends.


My FanFiction.Net profile where some of my fanfiction is archived.


My FictionPress profile where some of my original fiction is archived.