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This area of the site is where you will find a listing of stories I am currently in the process of outlining. A listing only, there are no actual stories posted in this section. So, messages sent to me stating that the story links don't work in this section will be ignored. *grin*

Anyway, this is in an effort to limit the number of works-in-progress I have going simultaneously on the site. By outlining my stories first, I am hoping this method will result in a quicker update schedule. *crossing fingers*

This is also a way for you to get a heads-up on which stories I will most likely be working on next. As once the outlines are complete, these stories will start to appear in the Drafts on the Desk section. Check the "status" to keep up to date on how soon I may begin actually writing them.

Also, since this is technically the brainstorming phase of my stories, the 'working title' and the 'early synopsis' are subject to change.

WORKING TITLE: A Funny Thing, That Love Is

FANDOM: Gundam Wing

EARLY SYNOPSIS: A love story unfolds

AUTHOR NOTES: Beginning as a One-Shot, but may evolve into a series. I haven't decided yet.


WORKING TITLE: Footsteps: Ripples in the Sand

FANDOM: Stargate SG-1

EARLY SYNOPSIS: SGC personnel try to lend a hand when they notice Daniel having difficulty coping with his new found responsibilities.

AUTHOR NOTES: #2 in the Footsteps series. This was actually written years ago, but was never made public. I felt there was something missing from the previous version, but I just couldn't figure out what was missing. So, I'm starting over. Maybe that missing piece will fall into place this time around. We'll see how it goes.


WORKING TITLE: Forged Bonds: Evolution Part I

FANDOM: Doctor Who

EARLY SYNOPSIS: The Tardis malfunctions, yet again, and lands The Doctor and his companions on planet Rygal, where its inhabitants everyday life threatens their entire existence.

AUTHOR NOTES: #1 in the Forged Bonds series. The main outline for this entire series is almost complete. So far, there are seven chapters and four interludes planned out. But that's just the bare bones for the main plot. Now, it's time to start ironing out the individual chapters. The "plot bunny" for this one seems to be quite active.



FANDOM: Tenchi Muyo

EARLY SYNOPSIS: Villains and enemies, old and new, disrupt the lives of the Masaki household as new bonds and relationships are forged.

AUTHOR NOTES: The original outline for this novel-length story has been scrapped. The main plot is fine. However, this monster has so many sub-plots and plot-twists in its planning that I started to confuse myself. LOL! It's a small miracle that I never made the first drafts of this story public, as there is no doubt I would have written myself right into a black-hole. A fairly narrow dodge there my friends as those first drafts were 'supposed' to be posted some years back. *Whew! Talk about being lucky.* Therefore, I'm starting over to smooth out the kinks as I have to make sure there are no major plot-holes in the mix this time around.