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A discussion group for the stories I am in the process of writing. These stories are my works-in-progress and will be posted to the group as they are being written. In other words, these stories will be posted as-is and only the most basic of editing will be done - such as a spell check. All other editing type errors are to be expected. The beta'ed versions will be archived here on the site.

This group is where visitors to this website can read and discuss my stories as they are being written, give feedback with constructive criticism, and even make possible suggestions. Whatever the case may be, good or bad, it's all welcomed as long as it will help the progress of the stories.


Please take a moment to read this discussion group's rules and regulations below. It answers all questions on the types of stories to expect, the posting tags used, the policy on off-topic discussions, and more.


The stories posted to the list will be rated via the rating system found at

Even though the majority of my stories can be read by General Audiences, I also write stories that are strictly for Mature Audiences - both Adult (Male/Female) and Slash (Male/Male). This is the reason why this group is listed in the Adult Category.

Yahoo! Group provides a nice little Adult Content Warning before members can join or login to the group's pages. It's quick, easy, and places the decision to join a group with content for Mature Audiences solely on your own shoulders. Therefore, any complaints about the Adult Content found within this group will be ignored.


I began, and continue to write, in the Stargate SG-1 fandom. However, I have ventured into other fandoms - such as Doctor Who, Gundam Wing, Star Wars, Tenchi Muyo, and more.

I also write Original Fiction. At this time, only my Original Fiction that are one-shots, poems, short-stories, etc. will be posted to the group. I'm still debating if I'll include any of my multi-part novel-length Original Fiction. We'll see how it goes.


[FF] = FanFiction from the Group Owner

[OF] = Original Fiction from the Group Owner

[OT] = Off-Topic Posts from Members

[ADMIN] = Important messages from the Admin / Moderators

[INTRO] = This tag is reserved for New Member Introductions Only. More details about this tag can be found in the Welcome Email members receive upon joining the group.

When I begin posting a story to the group, please make sure to read the very first post. It will be designated as zero {0/?} and contain important information concerning the story - such as warnings, category, fiction ratings, fandom, author notes, and etc.


OFF-TOPIC POSTS are allowed, but have a different meaning for this group. Discussions that have absolutely nothing to do with one of my stories is considered an Off-Topic Post.

For a few examples - if the TV Series for a particular fandom is being renewed or cancelled; or perhaps there is a new Movie, Book, Anime/Manga, or etc. coming out soon for a particular fandom you think the group might be interested in; or maybe your attending the next Comic Con and wondering if other members of the group will be there as well for a possible meet up; and etc.

Since the fiction I write includes a broad range of fandoms, I expect Off-Topic Posts to also be about a broad range of fandoms, regardless if I have written stories for them or not. As you can see, I am pretty lenient when it comes to Off-Topic Posts as long as they stay within the scope of this group.

ALL Off-Topic Posts MUST have the [OT] tag in their subject headings.

Be aware, however, that if an Off-Topic Post has gotten out of hand and crossed the lines into a personal flame war, then the topic will be closed and all related discussions on the topic will be deleted from the group. Take it off-list if you wish to continue it.

Those who attempt to continue an Off-Topic Post that has been closed and deleted will find themselves booted from the group. I just don't have the patience for that type of irritation.


ACTOR/ACTRESS DISCUSSION is strictly prohibited. What the real people playing the roles of the characters we love so much do outside of the characters they portray has absolutely nothing to do with the content posted within this group. I care ONLY about the Characters they portray and will respect an actor's right to have a private life.

ATTACHMENTS does nothing but put members at risk for computer viruses. Therefore, this feature has been turned OFF for this group.

DELIBERATE RUDE OR OBSCENE CONDUCT is an annoyance I don't have the patience for and will get you immediately booted from the group. This does NOT include negative comments about my stories posted to the group. I am well aware that I can't please everybody and I don't try to. I know that some members may not have positive things to say about some of my stories. I'm okay with that. What I consider to be rude conduct, however, is the deliberate personal attack on other members, flame wars, or anything else that I may feel is inappropriate behavior for the group and its members. Say what you will about my stories, but leave any personal attacks to me or other group members at the door.

SPAM or CHAIN MAIL is strictly prohibited and an annoyance that we can do without. This includes forwarding messages with sob stories and asking for financial help from members of some other Yahoo! Group. Don't bother forwarding them to this group as I am not interested in being scammed for my hard earned change.

YOUR OWN FICTION is a big fat NO-NO. This is NOT some general fic posting group. This is my own little corner of the web, not yours. Go start your own group. It's free. And leave mine alone. No exceptions to this restriction.


Well, if you read this page as requested, then you have already been warned. Slip up, you get the boot. It's as simple as that. I'd rather spend the little free-time I have writing fiction then having to deal with maintaining a watch-list for naughty members. It's your own fault if you neglected to read the group's rules and regulations before posting. Don't bother complaining to me about it as you will be ignored.


Now, with all of that ugly stuff out of the way, tap the image below to visit the group's site on Yahoo! Groups and click the button that says Join Group. Please take a moment to read the Welcome Email you will receive for additional information regarding this group. Then, come on in and introduce yourself, start following the progress of one of my stories, jump in on the babble or just quietly lurk in the background. I don't mind. Whatever makes you happy. Reader feedback with constructive criticism and possible suggestions are welcomed.

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